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When you hire an event company…

When you hire an event company…

This subject is very important to event planners and special event coordinators everywhere! Your client has the full and real expectation that you have all the elements at hand. Things like, decor, lighting, venue and of course, entertainment. Not only do they expect you to have these elements in your iPhone, they expect you to have the best versions of those right at hand.

Here at A Touch of Mystery & More Entertainment Group, we have just that! Not only that, we are always trying out new things and searching for new ways for innovation. Just the other day, we tried out a new platform called BeLive…it’s very cool! It is a way for people to go live on Facebook and share the time with someone and everyone gets to be in their own space! Imagine talking with your client about their upcoming event so that you can publicize it, and they are one coast and you are on another! And, of course, we love our morning coffee meetings..don’t you?

Our point for you is this…when you hire an event company, we’ve got fresh, stimulating, inspired ideas for your corporate event, team building event, wedding, luncheon, awards banquet and more! We are constantly learning and growing and finding new ways to do business. We’ve got big production acts, we have bands and trios, we’ve got flash mobs and wedding crashers and, and, AND!

We are thrilled to help you make your event completely remarkable and unforgettable. Call us today and let’s get started!

Your 1-stop shopping for interactive events  and entertainment. Team building, awards ceremonies, Emcees, Company Ambassadors, Murder Mysteries, Strolling Performers, Scavenger Hunts and Full Scale Production Shows. Be sure to keep up with us all through the year on all of our Social Media sites! You can find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Google!