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Come join us for our local shows!

Come on join us for our local shows!

While it’s no mystery that we love performing at our corporate events and team building events, we are so happy to when we have a chance to share our work at local events with our fans, friends and family! Coming up very quickly are three such fabulous opportunities!

March 4th and March 5th we’ll be performing at the Onyx Theater in Las Vegas!  One of our favorite shows “Murder By Association”…The Weekender’s Club disbanded 2 years ago after Evelyn Drawbridge (one of the founding members) was found dead at their last gathering. All was quiet after Evelyn’s death was deemed an accident … that is until they received invitations to a masquerade party at the Onyx Theater, in Evelyn’s honor.

You can find us on YouTube and see our commercial, too!

On April 1st you can find us at the Elks Lodge and not only enjoy a fabulous show but also a delicious dinner! Not to mention, local favorites, Dangerous Curves will be a part of this show!

Here’s where you can see this commercial!

Are you an armchair detective?

Think you have what it takes to solve a mystery? Do you always know “whodunnit” when you’re watching Castle or CSI or Law and Order? We’d love to have you come by and see just how great you are at solving the mystery! Tickets are only $25. Advanced tickets may be purchased by going to

Have you ever considered a murder mystery team building event? How about really upping the ante on your wedding or rehearsal dinner? Contact us today to book one of our entertainment professionals! (702) 497-7936 and find us and say hello on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube!