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It’s April Fools Day!

Did you get pranked yet today? After all, it is April Fool’s Day. This silliness and all around fun, dates back to the early 18th century and possibly even earlier if you believe Wikipedia

One of the best and truly interactive ideas is our wedding crashers! Talk about the ultimate in good natured pranking! Of course, we will stay within the parameters of your choosing. We can be as wild and silly or conservative as you wish. We can provide the crazy, long lost Uncle who has a little too much to drink or we can ever be the friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend of a celebrity and then sing a special dedication song. We are only limited by your imagination!

We think one of our more ingenious ideas is to have a Scavenger Hunt! Shopping list? Check. Camera? Check. Now, can you outsmart the “Clue Shrew” to find all of the items on your list! Maybe, the “Clue Shrew” is a member of your team!

That’s the challenge of our team building scavenger hunts, an interactive experience like no other. The “Clue Shrew” gives directions and hints on where to find the next item on your team’s way to the finish line. However, as the name indicates, sometimes they can be more of a hindrance than they are help!

Set inside a major hotel, shopping mall or golf course, these two-hour adventures can be created and produced nationwide at a location of your choice.

April Fools Day, Scavenger Hunts, team building, corporate events

Our Living Statues and Living Tables add finesse and ambience like no other! Guests are amazed and awestruck when they see these living statues, just waiting for them to move, sneeze, or even blink.

Our statues come in white, gold, silver, and if there is a specific theme you would like, we will do our best to accommodate you. Living Tables are AMAZING! This themed performer will be in costume in the middle of a table, handing out drinks, dessert, appetizers, etc. interacting with guests. Your guests will be talking about this unique and special experience for days to come! As your guests stroll through your venue, they are greeted by an interactive experience like they have never seen before!

living tables, april fools day, team building, event decor

Our entertainment professionals are waiting to talk to you right now…and that’s no joke! 😉 Enjoy pranking your friends and family today! Happy April Fools, everyone!