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Meet The Cast Members of A Touch of Mystery

At A Touch of Mystery & More Entertainment Group we work with professional actors / singers / dancers who are trained in the art of improvisation. Our cast members have a wide range of experience and many of them have their own shows or are part of performing groups as well. We are known for, and pride ourselves in offering some of the most professional and talented actors in the business.

To learn more about and meet the cast members, click on the images below.

Amanda Kaiser
Amanda Kaiser Meet the Cast
Andee Gibbs
Andee Gibbs Meet the Cast
Angela Wyman
Angela Wyman
Ayler Evan
Ayler Evan Atom Las Vegas
Cheryn Boucher
Sharon Boucher Meet the Cast
Courtney Sheets
Courtney Sheets
Faith Radford
Faith Radford
Jay Joseph
Jenny Sommer
John Hughes
Joseph Culliton
Joy Demain
Karen Michaels
Kellie Wright
Kristian Steel
Leigh Schindler
Lisa Smith
Lizabeth Knight
Lizabeth Knight
Lou DeMeis
Lynn Steinhurst
Lynn Steinhurs Meet the Cast
Lysander Abadia
Lysander Abadia Meet the Cast
Margaret Menzies
Margaret Menzies Meet the Cast
Natalie Carson
Natalie Carson Meet the Cast
Paul Draper
Paul Draper Meet the Cast
Ron Smith
Ron Smith
Ryan Remark
Ryan Remark
Shaelynn Parker
Shaelynn Park Meet the Cast
Toni Deaver
Toni Deaver Meet the Cast
Valerie Witherspoon
Valerie Witherspoon Meet the Cast
Wil Bowers
Wil Bowers Meet the Cast