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How is a murder mystery written?

How is a murder mystery written?

Jay Joseph, founder and creator of A Touch of Mystery & More Entertainment Group has been writing his murder mysteries since 1985. That’s over 30 years of writing! Incredible! No wonder they are such a popular form of entertainment, especially interactive corporate entertainment!

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To begin with, Jay will come up with a concept of the era, genre and storyline that wants to write about. From there, he begins to formulate who the characters will be. Now the fun begins! As Jay finds each character their name, he writes their life story. Keeping the concept and the theme in mind, he taps into their emotions and uses the senses to look deeply into their past and what has led to their present situation. And, thus the story emerges with a life of it’s own! Simply by delving into the characters he is creating, the story of the murder mystery comes to fruition. The “truth”, that is the actual part of the “who dun it” is now written into the story and voila! Seemingly like magic the story unfolds.

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The actors love this in-depth characterization of their role, so that they too may search deeply into the soul of the character and bring him or her to life…and then death as the case may be! Not to mention, they have an absolute ball while doing it! As seen here by two of our fave gals and top notch actresses,  Kellie Wright and Gret Menzies, otherwise known as Constance Bennett and Lady Isabelle Jennings.

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