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The history A Touch of Mystery & More Entertainment Group Part 1

It truly did all begin for us in 1985, over 30 years ago! The history of A Touch of Mystery & More Entertainment Group is strong, interesting and exciting! There weren’t event planners or corporate events,  the way they are today. We had a core of talented actors and writers and we began performing for private parties and fundraisers in Los Angeles, California to great success! We performed there and the surrounding areas for about 5 years! It was amazing and wonderful.
Around 1990 through 1993, we expanded into Northern California, performing for even more private functions, fundraisers, dinner theatre and even dinner cruises!

From 1993 to 1999, we expanded all the way to the East Coast including New York and Pennsylvania. Performing for, you guessed it! Private parties, fundraisers, dinner theatre, dinner cruises and corporate events. We were truly coming into our own! It was a wonderful time in our company history, filled with fabulous events, fantastic actors and actresses. A time filled with great memories!

Beginning in 1999 and through 2002 we expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada! We performed for private parties, fundraisers, dinner theatre, dinner cruises, corporate events & casino events at some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts in the world!

Come on back next week for the next installment of our company’s history! Why is all this important to you? Guess it’ll have to be a mystery! Until next week…