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Facebook Live with the Cast of Mystery IS Murder!

Mystery IS Murder at the Montage Resort and Hotel in Laguna Beach!

Facebook Live Mystery IS Murder

We had an absolutely fabulous time on Wednesday! We performed our show at the gorgeous Montage Resort and Hotel in Laguna Beach. Jump down a couple lines right now and just go ahead and watch our Facebook Live Mystery IS Murder. Seriously, go take a peek, you will feel their fabulous energy! Next, check out the Montage…when we say gorgeous, we mean GORGEOUS!

We were performing for Universal, and oh boy, was it something! Talk about the perfect and playful audience! They were a handful! Literally! And, our cast…talk about rolling with the punches! We actually had an actor get into a car accident and did not make the show. Talk about an OMG moment. We did a rewrite and this cast jumped on the train and simply went with it. We did a Facebook Live about how this day went…you’ll have to check it out.  There are some days when the unexpected happens and it creates magic! That was this kind of day!



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