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Custom murder mystery shows!

Our shows are customizable!

Custom murder mystery shows! Did you know that we can completely write you a custom show? You can absolutely customize your own murder mystery!  We can incorporate your fun and pertinent company information, highlight special guests or even an executive or your CEO! We can write up to 5 people from your special requests into one of our murder mystery’s.

Can you imagine the fun you will have?? Can you imagine the team building that will occur? These are the kinds of things that make company’s stronger. Strong companies create growth and wealth in ways unimaginable! All because you had the brilliant idea of employing our show writers and actors!

Let’s take a moment to step it up a notch…

A show written just for you!

Can you imagine this!? We will write a show written JUST FOR YOU! A show never heard or seen before! A custom show that highlights all the important people and uses any and all aspects of the information you supply. A show filled with fun and antics and real team building. Imagine the type of communication and trust that can be built? Trust and communication are the cornerstone of the most effective teams. This is the type of event that can encourage cooperation instead of competition. Foster strong relationships between your employees. Celebrating victories together builds innovation and creativity. Team building will bolster higher team performance. Higher team performance equals higher company performance. And, that translates to higher profits. Kinda like this cool video we found from Travel Links Directory!