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The Family Reunion

family reunion, a touch of mystery, murder mysteryWilliam Langford is about to introduce his young bride Ashley to his family at the annual Family Reunion. The fact that she is the age of his eldest daughter is only the tip of the iceberg. Announcing that his new will leaves everything to Ashley is about to push people past their limits and someone isn’t coming out of this alive!

Will it be?

  • Cynthia Langford – The Spinster Daughter
  • Beau Langford – The “Colorful” Son
  • Eve Dexter – The “Fragile” Daughter
  • Gregory Dexter – The Unhappy Son-In-Law
  • Ashley Bennett – The Young Bride
  • William Langford – The Patriarch

*This story is set in the 1930’s or current day and is available in Musical (songs) or Non-Musical versions. There is also a version called The Cuban Reunion with a Lucille Ball impersonator as one of the daughters and her husband Manny Maraca.