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Take Me OUT Of The Ballgame

takemeOut, stadium, ballgame It has been a tumultuous year for the Las Vegas Spangles! The controversy about their new stadium and the choice of which hot new player to bring on to help put them in the ranks of the major leagues has put a wedge between the owners.

Press Conferences are always full of surprises, but at this one someone is about to be “knocked out of the park!”

Will it be:

  • Alex Williams – Co-Owner of the LV Spangles
  • Blaire Anderson – The Unhappy Wife
  • Trevor Axelrod (A-Rod) – The “HOT” Rookie
  • Crystal Axelrod – The “Trophy Wife”
  • Christopher Anderson – Co-Owner of the LV Spangles
  • Anthony Davidson – The Veteran Ballplayer

*This story is set in current day and is available in both musical & non-musical versions.