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Ruby’s Riddle

Ruby's-Riddle-Logo-Poster, jewel Ruby’s Riddle

A Delightful Jewel of a Tale!

Dame Ruby Lassiter has assembled an expedition to find a new and rare form of Jade, known for its preserving qualities. This unusual jewel can actually keep you young an beautiful forever! The true fountain of youth! But exactly what does each character have planned?? Vanity and money make people do strange things and someone is about to SNAP or be SNAPPED!

Will it be?

  • Crystal Hughes – Museum Curator
  • Pearl Vanderbilt – New York socialite
  • Dame Ruby Lassiter – The Gallery Owner
  • Edward Diamond – Dame Ruby’s Nephew
  • Opal S. Ince – The Queen’s Jewelery Designer
  • Stephen Sapphire – Hugo Lassiter’s Illegitimate Son

*This story is available set in 1920’s, current day and there is James Bond version. This story is also available as a Musical (songs) or Non-Musical.