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Mystery IS Murder!

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Mystery IS Murder!

The Writer Symposium

Anyone who is a writer and desperate to be published, has gathered for the annual Slasher-Con Mystery Writers Convention. Many a writer is from all over the world and they have assembled for this one of a kind event. Each wordsmith is vying for the publisher’s attention. From Stella Butler, famous writer and top mystery novelist, to Tempest Noir, the dark and mysterious goth novelist, these writers mean business and will do whatever it takes to be noticed. Publisher Anthony Payton is looking for the next number one best seller while Biff Bladesdale will take anyone’s writing and turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster! The competition is heating up and someone is about to be written off!

Which one will it be?

Could it be:

  • Stella Butler – Mystery Novelist
  • Tempest Noir – Goth Novelist
  • Jeffrey Duke – Ghost Mystery Novelist
  • Anthony Payton – The Publisher
  • Pajama – Romance Novelist
  • Biff Bladesdale – Hollywood Screenwriter

*This story is set in current day and is available in Musical (songs) or Non-Musical versions.