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Mystery At The Earthquake Saloon

Earthquake, Saloon, murder mystery Mystery at Earthquake Saloon

The surprise event of the season arrived … The wedding of cowboy Rattlesnake Dick and Bethany Sanders, mail order bride at the local watering hole, Earthquake Saloon. When the Parson asked if anyone knew just cause why the two should not be joined, there was more commotion than the day Silver Powder was found in the hot springs when Miss Loretta was holding a skinny dip party a few years back! This town is full of very interesting characters; all of whom have a motive for murder … but WHO DONE IT?

Was it?

  • Bad Luck Claude – The Saloon Owner
  • Miss Loretta – The Town Madame
  • Rattlesnake Dick – A Womanizing Cad
  • Bethany Sanders – The Mail Order Bride
  • Buddy – The “Good Old Boy”
  • Hattie McPhearson – The Crazy Hill Person

*This story is set in the 1880’s Old West, and is available as a Musical (songs) or  Non-Musical.