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Murder By Association

Murder association, team activity, murder mystery Murder By Association

The Weekender’s Club disbanded two years ago after Evelyn Drawbridge was found dead at their last gathering. All was quiet after Evelyn’s death was deemed an accident until members received an anonymous  invitation to attend a Masquerade Reunion party in Evelyn’s honor. What’s this?! Who could be sending out this invitation? Why would they want everyone to be together again? Why would they send the invitation anonymously? Are they trying to simply get the original group back together again? Or, is it so much more than that?  It’s Murder By Association!  Watch the antics unfold as the masks come off!

This could be a most sinister murder association!

Be on the lookout for the following characters:

  • Ben Keetling – The off-OFF Broadway composer
  • Cecily Keetling – High Society Debutante
  • Amanda Emery – Heiress to the Emery-board fortune
  • Patricia “PEACHES” Mallory – Creator of the Weekender’s Club
  • Andrew Drawbridge- Manilow – Evelyn’s Fraternal Twin Brother

*This story is set in current day and available in Musical (songs) & Non-Musical versions.