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Lethal Libations

Lethal-Libations-Entrada-CastLethal Libations!

The Gallespi Winery Taste Test is always the event of the season! Irwin Gallespi is about to introduce his new line of Merlot and make a surprise announcement; however, more surprises are about to come “un-corked!” Watch this comedy of errors unfold.

Was it?

  • Priscilla Gallespi – The Outcast Sister
  • Irwin Gallespi – The Winery Owner
  • Grant Taylor – The Accountant
  • Georgia Munsey – The Reporter
  • Leland Fitzgerald –The Speakeasy Owner
  • Claire Valentine – The Personal Nurse

*This story is available in 1920’s or current day and in Musical (songs) or Non-Musical versions. A Mob version is also available.