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Death By Feathers

Feathers, Las Vegas, conventions, corporate events, trade showsDeath By Feathers

Suzette Darling is unable to fulfill her reign as Beauty Queen, due to an eating disorder. Tonight, Diane Delmonico, her 1st Runner Up is to be crowned, but Suzette isn’t giving up her crown without a fight! Watch the fur fly in this hilarious comedy romp known as Death By Feathers!

Will it be:

  • Suzette Darling – The Reiging Beauty Queen
  • Victoria Rampage – The Event Planner
  • Peter Loveland – The Pageant Emcee
  • Estelle Darling – The Overbearing Stage Mother
  • Michelle Parks – The Disqualified Contestant
  • Diane Delmonico – The 1st Runner-up

*This story is set in current day and is available in Musical (songs) or Non-Musical versions. We can customize the story to represent the name of your company. There is also a Mother / Daughter Pageant version of the show.