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Death By Chocolate

Death By ChocolateDeath By Chocolate

It’s the first International Chocolate Cuisine Taste Test. Representatives from all of the chocolate and candy companies around the world are here to introduce their new products. Throughout the week there have been several outbursts of inappropriate behavior and unethical business tactics. Is it possible that there is not enough sweetness of heart? Someone’s treat is about to go from Sweet to SOUR! Will it be:

  • Catherine Cadbury – The Black Widow
  • Loretta Lane – The Girl Friday
  • Eugene Elliott – The Cheated Sales Rep
  • Stewart Stover – The Womanizing Cad
  • Ingrid Olsen – The Ice Queen
  • Horacio Hershey – The Playboy

*This story is available in 1940’s or current day and in Musical (songs) & Non-Musical versions.