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The Celtic Kick-OFF Caper

celtic kick off caperThe Celtic Kick-off Caper!

Patrick “Patty” O’Brien’s life was full of surprises, so it’s no wonder the biggest surprise of all followed him to his own WAKE! Not all is as it seems, and the biggest surprise is about to unfold! Are Patricia “Patty” O’Brien’s tears just a little too forced? Perhaps Moira O’Brien, his daughter, is hoping for tidy little inheritance! Maybe Marco, the Mob Enforcer, got it all wrong! This Celtic wake could be a doozy of a party!

Be on the lookout for the following characters:

  • Patricia “Patty” O’Brien – The Italian Mob Daughter
  • Moira O’Brien – Patrick’s Daughter
  • Jonathan Kelley – Patrick’s Attorney
  • Samantha Richardson – The Art Gallery Owner
  • Marco Sullivan – The Mob Enforcer
  • Father Seamus Paddington – The Priest

*This story is set in current day and available in Musical (songs) & Non-Musical versions.

*Photos courtesy of Rare Capture Photography.