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All’s Fair In Love & Music an extravaganza!

extravaganzaIt’s the annual EXTRAVAGANZA! Three acts were hired to entertain: The Diva, Vinnie Vegas & the Vinnettes, and Troy Tritone.  Everything was running smoothly until The Diva found out she was not the only headliner for the evening and that her ex-fiancé and ex- backup group was also there to perform. Tempers flare and threats run wild in this musical WHO DONE IT.

Who will it be?

  • Frannie Fabiano – The Event Coordinator
  • The Diva – A legend in her OWN mind
  • Vinnie Vegas – The Lounge Lizard
  • The Vinnettes – The Backup Singers
  • Troy Tritone – A “has been” Opera singer

*This story is set in current day and is a Musical (songs woven through the show). Photos courtesy of Joe Durkin.